I am a Research scientist at valeo.ai, France. I received my PhD from École Normale Supérieure, under the supervision of Ivan Laptev. I have a “Master 2” Degree in Mathematics, Machine Learning and Computer Vision (MVA) from École Normale Supérieure de Cachan. I obtained the engineering degree from Télécom ParisTech in 2014.


  • NEW 12/2019: The xMUDA technical report of cross 2D-3D unsupervised domain adaptation is online. Demo
  • NEW 09/2019: Our paper Zero-shot Semantic Segmentation is accepted to NeurIPS’19.
  • NEW 08/2019: Invited talk at BNP Paribas AI Summer School
  • NEW 07/2019: Our paper DADA is accepted to ICCV’19. Code is coming soon here.
  • NEW 07/2019: The ADVENT code is released.
  • 06/2019: The ZS3 technical report of zero-shot semantic segmentation is online.
  • 06/2019: Keynote talk at ULAD - 1st workshop on Unsupervised Learning for Automated Driving - at IV 2019.
  • 04/2019: The DADA technical report of unsupervised domain adaptation is online.
  • 04/2019: Our paper ADVENT is accepted to CVPR’19 as an Oral presentation.
  • 12/2018: The Tube-CNN technical report of object detection in videos is online.
  • 11/2018: The ADVENT technical report of unsupervised domain adaptation is online.
  • 09/2018: I successfully defended my PhD!
  • 05/2018: Our MemNet paper of object detection in videos is accepted to WACV’19.
  • From 03/2018 I’ll join valeo.ai as a research scientist.
  • 06/2017: Internship at NEC Labs, Cupertino in summer 2017.
  • 06/2016: Code for the ICCV’15 paper was released.
  • 11/2015: A paper of human head detection in movies is accepted to ICCV’15.
  • 07/2014: Dataset for the ECCV’14 paper was released.
  • 07/2014: A paper of action prediction is accepted to ECCV’14.